About the Writer

Pamela Hart Vines is a writer and poet. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership from Webster University. She’s nearly finished with a second Masters degree in Human Resources Management, also from Webster University.

Her novel titled, Born of Sin, was published on December 1, 2015. She is also working on the Born of Sin sequel titled Born by Fire. The expected release date is in the Fall of 2016. She’s also completing a project to showcase her poetry collection.

Her other passions include reading, sewing, cruising and discussing natural hair techniques with anyone who’ll listen. Active on social media, you can join Pamela’s conversations on Twitter @The_Write_Won and subscribe to one (or all) of her three blogs: www.trooppr.com/blogwww.pamelahartvines.com/blog and http://naturalhairconsultant.wordpress.com,

Pamela is an Aliquippa, Pennsylvania native. She and her husband live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. They have one son, three daughters, one son-in-law, one grandson and two cats.

Pamela also owns a privately owned, full service public relations firm called Troop Public Relations, LLC. (www.trooppr.com).  Over the past 16 years, she has gained considerable experience in senior leader-level and management public affairs/public relations roles in both the military and in private industry.

Pamela has extensive and progressive experience in:  crisis management, strategic communications planning, crisis action planning, executive level media training, media relations, event management, regional/national level outreach programs, and leadership development.

She is passionate about writing and is busily working to produce a number of long over-due fiction and non-fiction projects that span various topics of interest.


2 thoughts on “About the Writer

  1. I love it!!!! I’m not the only one with more than one project going. That makes me feel better – maybe it will make me start writing instead of just thinking I should pick one project (which I haven’t been able to). Do you write on them all at one time or do you go back and forth between them?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I have many projects lined up. I just need to break the mold with the first one so I can do all the rest of them. I used to work on multiple stories but I decided to finish/focus on one at a time. It’s working for me—.

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