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Sponsorship Opportunities:  Thank you for your interest in sponsoring my blog:  The Deliberate Writer.

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If you target inspiring fiction and non-fiction writers, writing professionals or bloggers, and you want to enhance your website or brand awareness, sponsorship with pamelahart23 may be right for you.

The Deliberate Writer is an up and coming blog in the areas of positive motivation and inspired writing efforts.  This blog will rank well in search engines and attracts a readership who are interested in –

  • How to stay motivated to write fiction and non-fiction
  • How to write engaging material
  • How to become published
  • How to market materials
  • How to write strategic website content
  • How to use blogging as a marketing and income producing platform for their written products.

If you target an audience interested in any of the above or related topics, a sponsorship campaign may work well for you.




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