Pamela’s Quest

I discovered long ago that I’m happiest and most fulfilled when I’m writing.  That is, when I’m creating a short story, novel, or poem.  I will keep writing until people say, “That Pamela Hart Vines is a great writer!”  That’s the day I’m working toward.  I want to get my “fiction worlds”  out of my head and onto the screen (and paper).  I’m striving to pen work that is relevant, significant, provocative, and great.  To do so, I need to write more often, improve, and produce my pieces faster.  Write faster, I tell myself!  But, as of now, I’m a careful, slow and deliberate writer.  That’s not good.

Here are my trials as I mount the path toward literary genius status.  I’m on my life’s quest.  After all, every protagonist has a sidekick throughout the quest, right?  The counselor.  The voice of reason.   The one who points out danger ahead and has my back.  I’d like you to be that for me on this journey.

Thanks for keeping me on track!


7 thoughts on “Pamela’s Quest

  1. Pamela,

    I think its wonderful how you have taken the various approaches in your writing quest. I am so proud of and honored to know you. I eagerly and patiently wait to read your first novel.

    The best of luck to you and keep up the good work…

  2. Pamela, may the LORD bless you in this Quest by guiding you with divine and inspired creative genius. May every pen stroke and keystroke provide a revelation of that genius to the world as you walk down the path to His destiny in your life.

  3. Hey Pamela,

    As a retired judge who wrote 4-8 legal opinions per month and who now writes for fun, I say YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH THIS! Just take action everyday.

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