Novel: Complete. Editing: On going. Synopsis: Posted!

Novel: Complete. Editing: On going. Synopsis: Posted!

Hello! Here’s a draft synopsis about my forthcoming first novel, Born of Sin. I didn’t know how hard it would be to condense 260 pages into three sentences! My first version of this summary was a full two pages. Over the past week, I’ve been able to whittle it down to what you see below. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks!


Twelve-year-old Jacob witnesses his beautiful mother commit a vile act. Her actions derail the entire family and he can no longer believe in her. In the midst of the chaos, Jacob’s stepfather steals him away to boarding school. Years later, when the school expels him, sixteen-year-old Jacob is convinced he can’t go home again. He finds himself alone on the streets of Pittsburgh and looks for ways to survive.

Jacob is intelligent and ambitious. But he’s also inexperienced and naive. He unwisely joins the city’s crime organization. However, his talent with numbers and hustling lands him in good favor with the boss and he rises quickly in the organization.

Despite his financial success and rising status, Jacob’s spiritual upbringing keeps reminding him that the city’s crime lord is not the kind of Lord he’s meant to serve. When miraculous things begin to happen, Jacob notices the enlightened way people respond to his biblical knowledge. He can’t explain why he enjoys, teaching the Word. He’s also pleased to discover the business of ministry can be profitable!

Born of Sin is a story of how one furtive act devastates an entire family. Mother and son become estranged and each begins traveling unpaved roads that neither would have expected the other to take. Alternating between 1976 in Edgeboro, North Carolina and the early 1980’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Born of Sin is a saga that follows a family into its downward trajectory of separation and resentment and slowly up again to a place where its possible to find hope and redemption.


Write on!

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