Gift Suggestions for Writers

Gift Suggestions for Writers

Gifts for writers are always a great idea, no matter the occasion.  Here are seven gift ideas a lot of writers will appreciate. Give one or give them all to the writer in your life.  These items range in price from $3.99 and up, starting with the least expensive:

  • Blank notebooks. Either lined or unlined, bound or spiraled, these books never disappoint the true writer. Blank books or journals give writers the potential to fill the pages with poems, random thoughts, short stories, outlines, dialog heard in passing, etc. I get chills thinking of the many possibilities. I personally never tire of buying or receiving them.  Every time I go into a TJ Maxx, Ross, or other discount store, I run to the stationary shelves to look at them.  I now have my own personal shelf full of these journals, so no more for me; for a while.


I have too many blank books/journals...
I have too many blank books/journals…
  • Writers’ Gear. Writers are a special breed of people. We’re quirky, introspective, creative, intelligent, modest, and the list goes on. We like t-shirts with writing quips on the front. You can special order t-shirts with sayings or make shirts yourself with iron-on letters from the craft store. You can also order other types of clothing and fun writer paraphernalia.  One of my favorite sites is:
  • Massage Certificate. I don’t know about other writers, but my back and shoulders ache after a long day of  tickling the keyboard. Not only are back massages great for writers, but the cost can also be deducted as a business expense if the writer is a professional/full time writer. Just ask the receptionist for a medical statement after the massage.  A national chain called Massage Envy has reasonable prices and specials throughout the year.


  • Books about Writing. As long as I’ve been writing, I know there’s always something new to learn or something interesting to remember. I’m a huge advocate of reading and investing in the study of the craft of writing. There are a lot of great books out there, old and new; by writers about writing. The true writer will appreciate writers’ books and the aspiring writer needs them, whether they realize it or not.


  • A Macbook Air or a Surface Pro. These two items are great portable computers that allow writers to write on the go, whenever the mood hits. I’m a Mac person. But my husband just bought the Surface Pro and I tried it out. It’s pretty great, even though it is a non-Mac.  Either will appeal to any writer.
  • An expensive writing instrument. I personally don’t have a high quality pen. I’m comfortable with the Bic Atlantis Roller Ball or the Uni-ball Vision Elite pens. But I would love to get a high-end pen like a Chopard or a Mont Blanc pen as a gift. Even if no one recognized just how high quality my quality pen was, I’d feel rich and powerful just pulling it out of my bag to sign something.


  • A Writers’ Conference. What’s more exciting than a writers’ conference? Ummm, nothing!  If you have deep pockets and want to surprise the writer in your life with a special trip, why not combine a trip to a great location with a purposeful event to learn more, be inspired and network with other writers? Writers’ Digest lists conferences throughout the year.


Please let me know your other ideas!

Write on!


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