The Best Writer He Knows.

The Best Writer He Knows.

What a boost I got today! My husband said to me, “You’re the best writer I know.” Not only did he say those amazing words, but it was how he said them that made me feel so great.  He bestowed his unsolicited compliment on me with a breathless excitement, a deep sincerity and a smidgen of awe. Well, that’s how I perceived it. He could have been breathless from running up the stairs for all I know.

Be that as it may, it was fantastic to hear such praise.

My soon-to-be-complete first novel is coming along nicely. I just wrapped Chapter 20 and let him read it. He was excited about it but gave me a few suggestions.

I’m so fortunate to have his input. The slightest suggestion he gave me for what one of the characters does when he enters a room has made all the difference in the outcome of the chapter. My husband’s input is invaluable to me. [I hope he’s reading this so he can see my appreciation carved into the cloud.]

Every time he gives me a suggestion, I’m reminded of that Tyler Perry’s movie, Why Did I Get Married, Too.  In it, Janet Jackson’s character Patricia and her husband are negotiating terms for their divorce.  When he says he wants half of her book money, she says to him, “What page did you write, Gavin?” I love that line.  It always makes me laugh and it’s kind of a running joke between us when he tries to give me too much advice. I used to reject his suggestions but now I listen a bit…

Although it’s my story and I’m writing every word, my husband’s suggestions have great merit.  When I finish, I look forward to proudly giving my beloved husband his due on the dedication page as my sounding board, my counselor and my check and balance for what a male character, written by a female writer, would or would not do and say.

I’m excited about nearing the final parts of this book-writing journey. This has been a long time coming but I can finally see the light of completion–in the distance.  Thank you all for your prayers!

Write On.


6 thoughts on “The Best Writer He Knows.

  1. I did read your blog and I meant what I said. You are the best writer I have ever known. Your words just leap off the page in my mind and I can see the scene and the characters as I read your work. Looking forward to being the first people to buy your first book. Much love.

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