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I’ve neglected this blog for nearly two years. The last sabbatical was because my mother passed away and I was learning how to live without her. This time, I have a more positive reason for my absence. I spent the last 16+ months completing my Master’s Degree. Magna Cum Laude, thank you, very much. I’m extremely happy and feel accomplished. I’ve wanted to earn my master’s degree for a while.

So, even though I’ve not been blogging, I’ve still been writing lots of academic papers. Regarding my novel, though, it pains me to admit that I’m still not finished.  But I’m farther along than I’ve ever been. I know the outline for the rest of this story, and everything. I only have to finish. Seems easy enough.

A woman in my writers’ group (which is still in high gear) told us about a free semester-long creative non-fiction workshop at George Washington University. The program only invites 15 people to participate and they had 78 applicants this time. Here’s the deal: I was not invited into the program. I even posted the workshop notice on my vision board and still didn’t make it! I received the insipid rejection email notice today. How many rejections did Stephen King get before he finally published? Dozens. How many active years did Alex Haley write before he found success? Eight.

rjection image

I am a wee bit disappointed I didn’t get into that writing workshop. Maybe my cover letter was too weak. Maybe they hated my writing sample. Maybe I was the 16th person on the list (or the 78th) and just didn’t make the cut. Or, the main reason could be that God doesn’t want me there right now. Besides, the workshop would have been yet another distraction away from finishing my novel. I’ll just keep my rear end at home and get ‘er done.

If any of you out there missed my blog, thank you! I’m sorry I was away so long. But I’m back now with a song in my heart, a story in my head, and fingers aching to tickle the keyboard. Thanks for staying with me. Your prayers and encouragement means a lot to me.

Write On!


3 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Hello Pam,
    I just found your blog and really enjoy it. My daughter has a blog and i’m so proud of her. Usually she can determine which comments she will accept. Hopefully that is the same for you and this reply will published to your email box only.

    I am trying to get in contact with you this weekend. Today is 02/14/2014. Hopefully, if you are out there in cyberland, you will see this in time and contact me. My email address is attached. Either way, this weekend or not, please contact me. Until we speak, Happy writing, Congratulations, send me a link to the book and all things good!!


    1. Thank you. It’s still tough, even after five years…Thanks! I got a masters in Management and Leadership. I did a sequential degree and will finish my masters in HR in early summer. I’m thinking about my thesis now so I don’t get bogged down later. Gotta finish my fiction book NOW! LoL! Have a great week!

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