How to Tweet like a Twitter Pro

How to Tweet like a Twitter Pro

As promised, here is the second part of my twitter tirade (see my post titled Ghetto Twitter, part one). If you’d like to use Twitter more effectively, please consider my suggestions.

The bottom line is, decide what category of information you’d like to Tweet about. And run with that. For example, I manage two personal accounts. One is about writing and the other is about wedding planning. The intent of the writing account is to inform people about how to improve their writing. It also provides updates on writers’ conferences, cites provocative quotes about writing, etc. For the wedding planning account, I offer bride and groom advice, beauty tips, announce newly engaged people, etc. All of that to say, I typically stay within the theme for which I opened the account.

The whole point of Twitter is to provide some measure of relevance to your followers. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform to begin and maintain conversations with other followers.  It requires daily output to make any impact.

Here are some actionable tips:

  • If you want to build any influence, publish six to ten (6-10) tweets per day in batches of three or four.  Do this for visibility.  A single tweet is apt to get lost among the other tweets that flood in. When people view tweets on their smart phones or laptops, they scroll. People scroll down looking for interesting items that inform them, engage them or entertain them. They only stop scrolling when something interesting catches their attention.
  • Publish the tweets at high use times–such as in the morning as people begin their days, at noon when people take lunch, and in the evening when people are at home on their personal laptops after a long days’ work.
  • Re-tweet things from other influential organizations or people who tweet like information. It part of that communicating thing.
  • Respond to direct messages. I don’t respond to sales pitches, but I do answer sincere questions or comments.

If you’re a celebrity, you can get away with tweeting that you’re in the grocery putting a can of black olives your cart.  It’s cool to know what Mr. Famous Person is doing at that very second. It is to me, anyway–. But it doesn’t interest me, at all,  that someone whom I don’t know likes black olives. Hope this helped!

Happy tweeting and I look forward to following you. 

Write on!



3 thoughts on “How to Tweet like a Twitter Pro

    1. Write on, Pam and I know you really do care! ;).

      Did i miss the point of the post or were we supposed to let you know if we liked black olives or what?

      Again, put me down for a dozen. Thanks and……write on and I will follow! Blog me!

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