“Ghetto” Twitter

“Ghetto” Twitter

I realize there are people who don’t understand how to use Twitter. But they tweet anyway. My advice? Just stop. Stop pecking out boring, senseless phrases. And to other users, I say, stop trying to sell us your seminars, books, and other products. Neither is what the capability is for.

Here’s the thing: Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. In other words, it’s like writing a mini-blog consisting of 140 characters. That’s about a sentence and a half, maybe two. Like a web log or blog, I would prefer to see people provide useful or interesting information when they tweet.

Some will say, “Hey, Pam! Who do you think you are! It’s not that serious. I’ll Tweet what I want!” Sure. Go ahead. Continue to tweet gibberish or appear to be obnoxious because you’re trying to push a product or service. But know that I’m not going “Follow” you. And without followers, face it–, you’re not communicating with anyone. Without followers, you’ll achieve the same effect as writing down your activities in a little notebook and sliding it into your back pocket.

Let me quote a few lines from Naughty By Nature’s lyrics, Ghetto Bastard. I’m going to substitute the word “Ghetto” for the word, ”Twitter.” Okay. You ready?

“If you aint never been to the Twitter
Don’t ever come to the Twitter
‘Cause you wouldn’t understand the Twitter
So stay the eff out of the Twitter.”

Can’t you just hear Treach’s raw growl telling you to stop posting nonsense?

Twitter posts, just like any other form of communication, should entertain, inform or persuade. As Rufus and Chaka Kahn said, “Tell me something good.”

In my next entry, I’m going to provide some Twitter 101, foolproof instruction on how to tweet with a purpose; i.e. in the vernacular, “like you got some sense.”

“Training does not need to be politically correct,” Jerry Feinberg

Write on!


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