No one puts “Blogging” in the Corner!

No one puts “Blogging” in the Corner!

The Deliberate Writer is a writer’s blog.  Meaning, it’s a platform I created to dialog with writers–, or anyone else who is interested in reading about writing.

[yawn–.  I know…]

But since creating this category, I often feel like I’ve constructed my own box or barrier around my freedom of expression. 

This inflexible category (of my own making, I admit) stunts my thoughts.  Sometimes I want to write about other things I’m passionate about, but I can’t.  I can’t because the topic doesn’t concern the craft of writing or provide writing advice. 

So, this is my new declaration.

[suspenseful pause]  

I don’t want to feel constrained or confined with my own blog anymore.  I’ve decided expand my blog topics.  If I want to blog about public relations or my latest bad hair cut or even fried chicken, I want to be able to do it. No, I WILL do it!

Now that I got that off my chest, I want to iterate:  The Deliberate Writer is a writer’s blog.  So, even though I may write about my job, my unmanageable hair or food, I’ll likely somehow relate it all back to the joy of writing.  Because, Oh, Zach–. I’m a writer. That’s what I am. What I do. [tap, tap] Ahh!



3 thoughts on “No one puts “Blogging” in the Corner!

  1. Hi J! Roger that! 🙂 Get ready because my hair is capital R-rough and I’m ready to complain in a public forum. Hee hee! Hope you’re doing well!!!

  2. That’s how I feel about my blog! Cherie Runs This is a health & fitness blog, specifically about a weight loss journey, but doggone it sometimes I want to be random and talk about something else. So I do! 🙂 I say go for it!

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