25 Things about the Deliberate Writer

25 Things about the Deliberate Writer

Hi! I thought I’d try posting something fun. Here are 25 things about me–that you probably already know. 🙂

1. I love the Lord. I devoted my life to Christ back in September 1996.
2. I’m eternally thankful for my husband, my home, my precious family and my life.
3. I was as tall as I’d ever be in the 8th grade.
4. I loathe injustice and I will forever champion the underdog.
5. I’m pretty good at crafts (i.e. sewing, crocheting and anything involving paper and glue).
6. I’m still writing the same novel I started in 1988. I’m currently on Chapter 11—but my pace is picking up now. ☺
7. My favorite foods to enjoy are pizza and dark chocolate covered strawberries.
8. I love music with good lyrics. If I were musically talented, I’d be on somebody’s stage.
9. People with round faces make me really uneasy. [Well, at least I’m not afraid of clowns.]
10. I’ve developed into a good cook over the years. Not great, but good.
11. If an item’s not on sale, it’s hard for me to buy it.
12. I’m blessed with having a loyal, generous, and compassionate spirit.
13. Half and Half dairy creamer and pears give me the runs.
14. I advise every young person I meet to: tithe 10%, save 10%, never stop growing and keep networking.
15. I want wealth, not necessarily the fame that might come with it.
16. My heart melts for animals. Especially dogs, cats and baby pigs.
17. After many awkward styles, I’m resigned that short hair suits me. I will keep my hair cut for the rest of my life.
18. I still hold on to the ideal that by next month–I’ll be back to a size 6.
19. The irrational, illogical, mean-spirited things people do bewilder me.
20. The finality of death is difficult for me to accept. I miss my Mother and Grandmother.
21. My favorite scent is the smell of the earth after it rains.
22. Motion makes me sleepy, which is why driving long distances, is a challenge.
23. I’m afraid for the world. There’s too much pain, suffering, greed, loneliness and evil here.
24. My right side is slightly bigger than my left.
25. I love being in the water but can’t swim.

Write on!


2 thoughts on “25 Things about the Deliberate Writer

  1. Great thoughts! At times I thought you were in my head. I too am holding on to an ideal dress size. LOL We shall see… I can’t stay awake in a car to save my life. I immediately fall asleep on road trips..head bobbing and weaving. It’s like I’m drugged. And, for me the finality of death is flat out “un-natural”. Its unnaturalness makes it clear to me that in God’s original intent we were NEVER to experience it. It just doesn’t fit.

    Is your writing group local or do you do any tele work or webinars?

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, you’re right. I suppose I’m speaking about our bodily deaths–because our spirits live on. That’s comforting but I still miss their daily presence–the voices, the hugs…:( Well, before I get teary–.

      Yes, my writers’ group is in Mitchelleville, Maryland. We meet at the Wegman’s Cafe. I’m thinking of incorporating Skype so more people can participate remotely.
      All the best,

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