Re-Boot Your Life

Re-Boot Your Life

What do Christianity, the GED, the Bally’s have in common? Each of them is based on the principle that no matter how bad we mess up, we can begin again.

Aaahh. Starting again is such an inspiring concept. I mean, isn’t it freeing to think that we can leave behind our old bad habits and mistakes to forge ahead and win on the next go ‘round?

The other day, my internet connection didn’t work on my iPhone. I use all the features, including email, tens of apps, and social networking–, so I nearly blew a gasket when the phone locked up. After repeatedly assaulting the screen with my sturdy index finger, I remembered to re-boot. You can imagine my relief when I turned the power back on and the internet worked.

Today at work, my computer locked and I had to re-boot. With all of this re-booting lately, it occurred to me that when people are faced with something hard to deal with, like graduating from school, trying to lose weight, or even completing a novel, the best thing to do is: start again. Yes, it’s okay to give yourself a mulligan and have a good old-fashioned do-over.

Re-starting can be the best thing to do in most cases. But once in a while, a life situation will call for you to, “Shut down,” “Log off,” or simply “Stand by.”

If you need to pause and rest for a while, believe that it’s okay. Sometimes we need time away from whatever troubles us or from what’s too hard to handle at the moment. For example, I didn’t work on my novel for about ten years. But I didn’t let my story or ideas stay idle forever. I have begun again. I’m embarrassed that it’s taking me so long to finish it but I know I’ll get there. I am comforted knowing that as long as I draw breath, I can re-boot my life and begin again.

Write on!


2 thoughts on “Re-Boot Your Life

  1. Isn’t it great that everyday we can re-boot? Heck. we can re-boot every hour and some days that is really necessary! I love your message so much, I would like your permission to put a backlink to it onmy blog.

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