“Honor, Remember and Reunite”

“Honor, Remember and Reunite”

We’re nearing the day’s end of the 10th Anniversary of 9-11. As I write this tonight, I’m so thankful that the Nation is going to bed, without an incident reminiscent of the horror and devastation suffered back in 2001. I’m thankful every night and everyday in fact, because I remember those dark days that followed the attacks.

I only knew two people who perished in the Pentagon. Neither was a close personal friend or family member–. Just two people I’d met once. Nevertheless, I felt deep irrevocable loss at the passing of them and the rest of the men, women and children who were lost that day.

As I sat on my floor, staring up at the TV all that day, I knew, without having any official insight, that the world would never be the same again. I just knew. And I was right.

Despite the pain and sorrow of loss, the wars, the lost innocence of our Nation and the petty inconveniences of travel, to name a few, we gained a lot. We gained the Department of Homeland Security, a safer nation, and a sense of gratitude, solidarity and charity among the people throughout this country that I’d never seen before. It was beautiful to see us all bond together like that.

As the years went by, however, I didn’t sense the same warmth and compassion among our friends and neighbors. We gradually sunk back into selfish and rude behaviors, to say the least. It’s my prayer as I go to bed tonight that we honor, remember and [sincerely] reunite. Let’s return to the grateful, unified and helpful people that make our “One Nation Under God,” so wonderful to live in.

Keep writing and remember to work toward your dream a little bit each day.

Write on!


2 thoughts on ““Honor, Remember and Reunite”

  1. Excellent blog Pam. Can relate to everything you wrote about. Also looking forward to the day we can all live together in peace and harmony.

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