“Short Words” Got No Reason

“Short Words” Got No Reason

I adore words. Love them! I give those compilations of letters all the respect and esteem they deserve. In fact, I’m almost giddy with knowing there are hundreds of thousands of words to choose from that can express precisely what we think or feel.

But the thing that bothers me is, why do we have to abbreviate them? Why do we rip and tear them apart to meet our own needs? I suppose it’s because our society has become too lazy to say whole words. Or maybe we’re moving at such a pace that we don’t have time to say it all. It seems only the prefix or half of a word is all people need.

Do young people today even know what a Submarine Sandwich is? No, because to them, it’s a “sub.” And when did every snack cracker become a “chip?” I suppose it doesn’t matter to most people if the chip is derived from a corn cob (yes, I said corn cob) or a potato. But I care! I think I’m one of the few people who still say, “Pass me the potato chips.”

Here are more abbreviations that make me shake my head in disbelief: An application is an “app;” a telephone is just a phone; a weblog is a blog; vegetables are veggies; and a bicycle is a bike. And don’t get me started about text messaging shortcuts that have now become part of the English language. “LOL” is now in the Oxford English Dictionary. Shameful.

I know these shortened bastard-words are considered common and normal. Sadly, some of the original, longer forms tend to only be found in formal or technical writing. For instance, if someone were to say, “I missed work last week because I had the influenza,” you’d call that person ridiculous or weird, wouldn’t you?

I’m going to continue use original words out of respect to the English language. So, I’d better sign off now. I’m going to go download some applications onto my internet telephone.

Write on!


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