Remember the Writing

Remember the Writing

Today I accepted the fact that I MUST write down my inspired thoughts immediately or they leave me. I’ve had about three ultra-deep thoughts this week, but when I sat down to use them in my blog and novel, all I had left were diluted recollections.

I should have blogged on December 31st when I had an interesting spin on “looking to the future.” Or I should have written on January 1st when I came up with that brilliant and funny phrase about “not looking back.” It incorporated Lot’s wife and the consequences of excessive salt—. Seriously. And yesterday, while leafing through the pages of a business magazine, I was inspired to write a “year in review” piece about the tumultuous time the world experienced in 2010. Just as well, I suppose. None of those ideas had much to do with writing. And all those topics have been covered,” …many times, many ways…”

So here I am on January 3rd, currently void of any thought-provoking phrases, but full of eagerness and determination to find and impart inspiration. I want us writers to find that, “never-said-before” expression that makes people think or laugh or want to slap us around. Anything that brings action or controversy is good, I think.

Here are some tips that might help writers discover inspired ideas:

1) Train your mind to see the typical in an atypical way. That is, develop an eye to see old things as though they were new. Have you ever had someone visit your home and the minute they walk in is when you suddenly notice how dusty your surfaces are? That’s because you’re seeing the room through your guest’s eyes. Try to make your dusty world (figuratively speaking) all fresh and anew!

2) Ask yourself how and why to questions you think you already know the answers. Play the Devil’s Advocate with yourself about everything you see and hear and you’ll be surprised at what your subconscious mind reveals to you.

3) Carry around a pen and note pad or a digital recorder to capture your thoughts. It’s possible you’ll loose them if you don’t write them down as soon as they come to you.

4) Exercise your mind. Read and meditate on material that normally wouldn’t interest you. You’ll end up writing more interesting things. You can also play games that challenge your mind. And how about trying some mental supplements that increase blood circulation to your brain? [Note: Please consult your physician before taking any new supplements or over the counter medications!]

So, I’m going to do two things before the moon dissipates: I’m going to pledge to use my handy note pad or digital voice recorder so I can recall my inspired ideas and two, I’m going to pick up some of that Ginkgo Biloba–before I forget. 😉

Write on!


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