Stop writing about writing!? Huh?!!

Stop writing about writing!? Huh?!!

A friend recently told me, “Stop writing about writing and just write.”  He was referring to my occasional entry on this, “The Deliberate Writer” blog and the sporadic tweets on my Twitter page.

My immediate thought was, “Isn’t writing about writing, doing just that–?  Writing?”

He continued, saying, “With all that time you spent saying, ‘I’m going to write blah blah blah, ’ you could have written two or three pages in your book.”

True.  But I fundamentally disagree with his philosophy.  And to my friend’s credit, I’m sure his intent was to inspire me and gently shove me toward finishing my long-suffering book.

I certainly appreciate help in most situations, but not in all.  So, stop sweatin’ me.   I got this! I’ve come a long way from having gone years without writing a single new sentence—to my current status.  I may write anywhere from a word to a page each day, but at least I’m going forward.  No more stagnant writing behavior.  Hey!  Any kind of writing is an accomplishment for me.  Whether it’s a poem, a tweet or finishing chapter six, it’s a proud day for me to say, “I’ve been writing today.”

So, here’s the thing:

  • Follow your instincts and be selective from whom you take advice.  Your writing plan and your pace is just that.  Yours.
  • Perform more and profess less.  As I said, my friend’s fundamental advice was good:  finish the daggone book and stop talking about it.  The distinction is, I don’t talk specifically about my book.  I talk, write rather, about motivating myself to write.  There’s a difference.  And I sincerely believe I am possibly dropping a wee bit of wisdom upon a weary writer somewhere in the world who may be struggling, too.
  • View your life’s epilogue as your daily prologue.  In other words, visualize what you want and keep your dream seared in your mind and heart.  It’s when you keep plucking away at it and don’t let anyone’s voice dissuade you, you’ll get there!

Write on!


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