Hurry!!! See the final showing of Pam’s play: “Fear of Writing”

Hurry!!! See the final showing of Pam’s play: “Fear of Writing”

     Tonight, Pamela Hart the Writer will endure the final performance of her one-woman, three-act, life-long stage play.  She will end her well-perfected starring role as Procrastinator Payne in, “Fear of Writing.”  Audiences will no longer witness her Tony-winning stage performance in the acts titled:  “Afraid of Criticism,”  “Afraid of Failure,” and the surprising third act, “Afraid of Success.”  Yes, folks, after a 23-year run, performed throughout the many stages of her life, Pam will end it all tonight.  The final curtain call of fear–. 

     In a courageous and sudden move, Pamela, who was also served as the executive producer, decided to end the run of her rationalizing, easy-going, time-wasting, and money-losing, inactive play.

     When asked why she decided to end “Fear of Writing” so suddenly, Pamela sighed.  She lowered her head and spoke quietly–almost inaudibly.

     “I’ve been planning the play’s demise for quite some time,” she said.  “I had to be certain I was ready to move away from the Afraid Series once and for all.”  She wiped a lone tear that escaped her regretful eye. “I’m not afraid anymore.”

     Her Spiritual Advisor, the Holy Spirit, said, “I’ve been guiding Pam a long time.  She’s a Special One.  I won’t let her squander away her dreams any longer.  I whispered in her ear this afternoon–.  I said, ‘It’s time, Pam.  You are ready to write, produce and star in more inspired life activities.  Your little Fear Play has run its course.’  No, We didn’t give her the Spirit of Fear.”

     A friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “I told her to shut that mess down long, long ago.  In my opinion, it was the most unprofitable and damning play in history.  No one should have to watch such wasteful activity.  Thank goodness she’s ready to move forward and I’m going to be there every step of the way to support her.”

     For those who wish to see any aspects of the now defunct performance, unfortunately, you’re out of luck.  All video and audio versions of the play have been destroyed.  It has been damned to Hell where such a performance belongs.

      Write on! 😉


One thought on “Hurry!!! See the final showing of Pam’s play: “Fear of Writing”

  1. That was imaginative, hard hitting and truthful. Too often we submit our lives to the counsel and influence of Fear. Good job. Keep it up!!

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