Writing acclaim now or later? Does your fame have a timeline?

Writing acclaim now or later? Does your fame have a timeline?

Time for a writing progress update, right? Well, I’m still inching along on my novel. I’ve been doing other “writing stuff,” but I have to admit that I haven’t made much progress on the book. 

Nevertheless, I feel good about keeping my passion, focus and dedication on target. I’m proud to say that I do some type of activity that supports my writing career goals every single day. Whether I’m writing an eHow.com article, sending a Tweet or reading an excerpt from a book on writing, I feel good knowing I’m doing something to advance my ultimate goals.

I have LOTS of goals and plans but in the big scheme, what am I writing for? Is the promise of money my primary motivation or am I driven by the pure art of the craft? A friend recently asked me a great question: “Would you be disappointed if your work wasn’t recognized until after your death?”

I didn’t skip a beat in my response. I was actually surprised to hear what came out of my own mouth. But I was comforted knowing the answer came from my soul and not from the visions of dollar signs in my head. “No. I won’t care,” I said. “Just as long as I can leave work behind that people value, it’ll be worth it.”

It’s a fact that many artists become more famous after their deaths than while they lived. There are even public relations firms that specialize in managing the “careers” i.e. images, licensing, and products of the dead.

That’s not the ideal situation for me–, but I do pray that the world will view my work as meaningful and relevant now and in years to come. So, I’d better get busy and produce more pages before the month ends. The year is zooming by already–.

Write on!


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