Live now, write now–because life is fleeting.

Live now, write now–because life is fleeting.

Hi!  Guess how many words I wrote last night? Go ‘head. I’ll wait…Okay, I’ll forgo the guessing game and just say it. I didn’t write anything. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Now, before you think badly of me, let me explain. To my credit, I was preoccupied. (I always have valid reasons, by the way. Not excuses. No, never excuses. That’s such an ugly word.) After I got home from work, I had to feed and walk my dog and cat. Then, I had to get ready for a radio interview. I support a nonprofit organization called YoungLives DC and I talked about our fund raising efforts to help mentor and support the needs of teen mothers. That took a while. Then I had to eat my processed fish square and steamed broccoli (the dinner of champions)–. And after brushing the dog and cat’s coats (our quality time) I finally, I went upstairs to sit on the couch to write. I sat with the computer on my lap for hours. Not writing. I was on Facebook for a good minute (too long) and then I sat comatose. You see, six months ago today, my mother died. She had cancer—all over her body. The whole emotional ordeal occurred quickly for my family and me. We found out in late March and Mommy passed on in early June. I suppose it was a blessing that her illness didn’t drag on–. I guess it was good that her suffering was marginally brief, considering life’s big picture. Some terminally ill patients suffer for years… Regardless, my mother’s plight occurred too soon for us. Too soon despite knowing she didn’t suffer long and that she’s now safe, pain-free and happy with our Father in Heaven. I’m still heart-broken. But, if I’m true to myself, I suppose there are one or two positive things that have occurred since her death. My small family is now closer than before, and two, I’m now more aware and appreciative of how precious life is. I think I’m living life with more urgency now. I do not want to die with my dreams and talents locked inside of me. I’ve begun to take more trips, accept more invites from friends, laugh more and worry less about work and money. Hey, don’t get it twisted! I’m still doing my best at work because I need my paycheck! And I have my professional reputation to uphold…but at the end of the day, my goal is to experience life! To really live it! As a result, I will have more interesting things to write about, right? In the past few months, I’ve been racking up experiences, instead of writing about them. That’s what I have been telling myself…But, I know…I have to find balance between having fun and writing more. It’s time to stop making cute excuses, errr, I mean creating valid reasons not to write and time to buckle down to business. Here I go. How about I try to write 1500 words today?! Or more!  Write on!


3 thoughts on “Live now, write now–because life is fleeting.

  1. Very sorry about your Mother. Glad you have embraced and cherished life more from it all. The sum of these life experiences, both good and bad will feed your creativity to make you the writer you are destined to be.

  2. Yes, mommy’s death has done many things to each of us, but I am thankful it has brought us all closer and made us take closer looks at our individual mortality. We won’t be here forever, and as daddy says, “You can’t get out of this world alive,” so we need to make the most out of our lives today!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. I am so very sorry about your Mom. As a Daddy’s girl I can tell you that the one event in life that I dread more than any other is losing my Dad. Whether it be swift or prolonged I know it has to be heartbreaking.

    I love your writing!!!! And yes we will all learn the balance between experiencing life and writing. I can’t wait to read more!!!!

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